Monday, 28 May 2012

28th May - a little video

Just to show you a little video of the first hour of Alex and Lucie together on Friday....(if you click on the You Tube symbol, it will take you through to You Tube where you can select full screen which may be easier to see, or is my eyesight just getting worse with age?)

We survived the first weekend very well.  Highlights were going to Asda, and just seeing Lucie so calm and looking like she had always lived here.  She has made herself at home with no trouble at all.  Low points, were her going nuts at the neighbour who popped his head over the fence to say hello.  She growled at him, and the first time I heard her bark...though in fairness, we couldn't see more than the top of his head and eyes, a funny viewpoint for anyone, so maybe she was a little freaked.  I was!

Night two was great, with no disturbances, and got up three times last night to resettle Lucie.  But all easily done, so sticking to Plan A.

This morning was Alex's first training session for attachment work, learning to walk with Lucie attached with a waist strap, and a handle to hold.  I was delighted with how well they coped.  I was asked by Michelle to pick a short walk with few distractions.  I failed in that task by managing to pick a route which i perceived as quiet as it is good for the kids, but not seen it from a dogs perspective. So Lucie had to deal with a greyhound sniffing around, cyclists, get the drift.  But she did cope and didn't bolt up a tree after a squirrel leaving Alex hanging from a high branch, so I call that a success!

Alex's reward for his good work was a new app on his ipad, the Sesame Street Count doing number games - it may be three days before i can get him off....

Friday is our second session, so I will be doing a few things to build up my work with her in the meantime.  Lots to do still on making sure she doesn't pull on the lead, or get a squirrel snack, but getting better.

Probably best not to mention that it looks like Dave is allergic to Lucie....if I ignore this will it go away?  Does the power of positive thinking overcome allergies - it better.  Thank goodness no carpets downstairs and she is not much of a furry fiend.  One hurdle at a time.

This sun is not letting up, do you think the weather was ordered this way to give me a rose tinted view of dog walking....just wait till proper Lancashire weather sets in.  Woolly socks at the ready....


  1. such a wonderful video. Lucie is amazingly calm - & i liked that she barked at the neighbour, protecting Alex! have to admit to a little tear when Alex gently touched her paw. will be following the story.

  2. Lucie and Alex look great together! Congratulations on getting her home. Billy (my jack russell Support Dog) and I will look out for you as we live close to you. I hope you and your family will get as much joy from Lucie as Billy brings to me. Lots of love, Carol & Billy xxx

    p.s. Thank you Support Dogs! You're wonderful!

  3. Hi Carol! Thanks for your post, I tried emailing you this morning at your hotmail account but it bounced back, I'll check with Michelle I have the right address. I won't write here as it can be read publicly, but I was wanting to say thank you so much for the information you sent....I'll contact you directly, but great to hear from you and I am sure we will bump into each other soon :) And I agree - Support Dogs are wonderful!