Saturday, 1 December 2012

1/12 TV Premier for Lucie!

2nd Update 7/12 :) - Still not been edited, so still no news on when/if it will air, will keep you posted.
UPDATE  = Filming completed today (Monday 3/12) but will not be aired today, will update when I know the day...

Just a little news.  Our regional news programme on ITV, Granada Reports, have contacted me to ask if they can film Alex & Lucie for their show on Monday, to be aired at around 6pm.  Its not set in stone, as any news programme can change right up till the last minute, but there is a chance it will happen, so if you are in the NorthWest you may be able to see us.  I'll try and work out some way to show it on here after, but that may be a technological leap too far for me!

And just in case anyone thought all Lucie does is work - here is a bit of stuff and nonsense video of her enjoying herself with her friends this week :)  Think she and Ben are a bit soft on each other....

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