Friday, 1 February 2013

31/1 Sad news and life goes on

A tough couple of weeks.  I write about life with an assistance dog and boys with autism, but this week is also a reminder that we deal with all that life throws as with any other family.  My Dad was diagnosed with cancer yesterday which has come as a shock.  It has made me very reflective and aware of the fine balance we are continually treading on this path of life.  It is easy to focus on our day to day issues, then something comes along that stops us in our tracks and gives us the chance to remind us what is important.  So this week I have been thinking of those significant people in my life.

My Dad takes care of my Mum who has mobility issues, and the impact of him needing treatment has far reaching implications, emotionally, physically and practically.  I have started to feel torn, desperate to want to support them in any way needed, but not sure how, with the journey a two hour round trip, and dealing with the challenges at home.  At the same time I watch Dave carefully who is struggling to control high blood pressure despite his doctor being on Plan W.  So how to keep all my family functioning, and be there for everyone has been the challenge of the month, and the solution will become apparent in time.

But what I really have thought a lot about as we deal with this news is what an amazingly strong circle of friends and family we have around us.   One of the hardest things to do is ask for help, and allow people into your crazy world, but pride and lifes challenges don't marry well, so I have ditched the pride and learned to say 'help!'. And this week, the lovely support that we all feel around shows that we are not supposed to go on this journey alone.

There is no moral to this. No message, just reflection.  Some days it feels like the hits keep on coming, but its easy to bounce back when you have great people around.   In one week I will be turning 40.  My Mum was worried the news this week would dampen the occasion.  Hell no.  If ever there is a reason to enjoy each day and celebrate then this reinforces my feeling to live it up and enjoy what we have.  So I am going to party and spend time with that great group of people I am proud to know.  I hope they can handle their cocktails, because I am not known to do things in halves.  We get one chance at life, lets make it a good one!

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