Wednesday, 11 December 2013

11/12 Pictures of Alex chilling with his furry friend

We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Amy Laws take some photos at the Support Dogs Annual Awards.  Me being me and odd chose this rather unconventional angle, as it reminds me of kids at play, and Lucie calmly sitting, taking in the world around.  But the real money shot for me was this one which just to me is a vision of Alex chilling out with his friend.

Really pleased with that one, and a huge thank you to Amy for her they say, never work with kids and animals, and she was brave enough to take on both.

And now for one of Alex walking Lucie on Crosby beach, wide open spaces and a chilling wind.

And finally from our summer holiday in Anglesey, this is Lucie just soaking in the rays on a scorching day

So there you have if a little peek into where we have been this year...


  1. Lovely pictures ... and I'm sure not easy to get :-) x

  2. Lovely photos ... and I'm sure not easy to get. :-) x