Tuesday, 19 June 2012

19th June - A Perfect Day (video)

I thought it was time to share another little video.  Over the last couple of weeks we have captured a few moments on days out.  We have tried new places, enjoyed family favourites, and in general just smashing down the barriers that have held us back in the past.

The video shows Alex at B&Q, for the first time looking at items on a shelf, and calmly walking through a park in a large open area, (where previously any chance of keeping up with him would have been an athletic achievement!).  We also visited a nature reserve called Brockholes, which is where the kids play on an adventure playground, while Lucie sat calmly nearby just keeping her eye on things.  And finally, the really big achievement was Camelot Theme Park.  A massive task, where attachment is on and off, taking turns on rides, waiting, crowds, and the jousting show with horses. And no one was more shocked than us at one bark when the horses came out.  I thought it was game over, but she had her say then just settled down.  Go figure.  Though my personal memory of the day, was when I said to Dave to take the kids into the animal area alone, as there are free running goats etc. so didn't want to stress them or Lucie.  I waited at a bench for them.  I think the goats would have been easier than dealing with the escaped chicken, that was brave enough to be pecking within centimeters of Lucie, though with several treats I did manage to keep her sitting.  So free range chicken was off the menu that night. Chickens in a theme park - must I be prepared for everything?!

As usual, my limited technical skills mean, it may be easier to follow the link to You Tube, and not sure if it will play on mobile devices, but right now - it'll have to do, as its been a long day!


  1. A good day out means a good vino !! Well done I enjoy following your blog and look forward to the next installment