Saturday, 2 June 2012

2nd June - First Asda Trip!!! (video)

Okay - today I cried...emotion doesn't always get the better of me but today it did.  We took Alex to our local Asda for the first time.  A previously challenging idea we wouldn't normally attempt was an absolute pleasure.  Here is a quick video of how it went.
(Not playable on mobile devices)

I am so proud of Alex and Lucie.  One week together and already we are breaking the barriers down.  Enough said.


  1. Hi Alice, I'm so enjoying your blog and the amazing job that Lucie is doing - so much progress in one week! I came to your blog via a friend who is a guide dog puppy trainer. Inspirational stuff! Best of luck. Beth

  2. Open a bottle and congratulate yourself,Alex and Lucie on a job well done

    1. Now that is the best thing I have heard all day :) Don't mind if I do....thank you...