Saturday, 10 November 2012

10/11 Photos, vet updates and news!

(and before you start reading -no- the news is not that I am pregnant - and neither will it ever be!!)

I'll keep this brief, as I have gone on far too much this week.  Just a few updates.
Firstly Lucie is looking grand after our vet fret.  It turns out it was a bacterial infection from a scratch or small wound, but the antibiotics are working a treat, and she looks her normal self.  Apparently the medication was two lots of antibiotics he gave her, so she is well and truly nuked, he erred on the side of caution as the infection was spreading fast and was unknown.  Anyway, hindsight is great, and all is calm.

We also took some pictures today for Support Dogs as the great news is we are the 200th partnership to graduate, and they are doing a press release to get some publicity, raise awareness and most of all hopefully funding! A couple of the pictures we took are:

And finally the next two big things coming up for us is our official Graduation with Support Dogs in Sheffield at the end of November, and the following day a real gem of an opportunity.  Support Dogs have invited me, Dave and Lucie to the Mad Men Ball in Manchester hosted by the Hearts and Minds charity.  It is an event focusing on autism, and Support Dogs want to work more closely with the charity developing the autism dogs programme.  So we are going to hopefully meet different people in the world of autism fundraising and promote Support Dogs work as part of that. Very excited, as two of my most passionate interests are brought together, and I get to get all dressed up for the night :) Will try and get some photos, as we will also be meeting Paul Scholes, Keith Duffy and Melanie Sykes. Its tough, but someone has to do it ;) 

p.s. and just because I am feeling mischievous....

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