Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13/11 Support Dogs 200th Partnership Article

I know - its like buses, you get two blogs in a month, then four come along in one week - what can I say?  Its been a busy doggy week!

Just to share that Support Dogs have put an article on their website which is celebrating Alex and Lucie being the 200th partnership to qualify from Support Dogs.  It is an outline of their story.   If you would like to read it, the direct link is


Yesterday I also visited a primary school to do one of my Autism presentations for the teachers.  It was not about Lucie, but a more generic presentation I do about autism.  It was great to be in such an open minded school, where you already felt they got it.  Its always the way that the people who ask you to do a talk are already getting it right.  I left feeling good that some schools just naturally have the right approach.  They even asked if they could get their kids involved in some fundraising for Support Dogs - erm - yes!! That would be so cool.  So my brain is now in gear trying to think of fun ways to engage school children in learning about assistance dogs, whilst getting involved.  Any suggestions on a postcard please :)

Lucie was also signed off by the vet this morning.  He gave her a full health check and said she was in fine working order.  One MOT certificate issued.  Smashing.  So I have just taken her for a long walk with her black labrador friend, Ben, from the next street.  I have to get video of those two, they look like they are on a date the way they are together.  I feel like I am gatecrashing their walk.

And off to the library now to get a book on Iceland.  A crazy idea at the weekend left us booking a flight for next year for a couple of days in Iceland to celebrate my 40th.  Seeing the Northern Lights has always been an ambition, and the one thing I have learned is life is too short not to live it to the full.

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