Tuesday, 6 November 2012

6/11 Video - Alex playing & talking with Lucie

I've put together a short video taken this week, as we noticed Alex playing much more interactively with Lucie, and chatting away to her. Whilst he does 'chatter' most of it is inaudible, but we are starting to pick out some words, and they are not only relevant, but totally unprompted. Quite amazing! Filmed on the ipad, it does that strange portrait view, I have not yet solved, but hope it gets the point across. Alex is changing all the time. He is starting to get involved with other children, and smashing away his strapline 'Lives in his own world'. It seems Lucie is opening the door to him coming and joining our world, and its a pleasure to see!

And just before I link the video - my news this week is I am off to Sheffield for the next two days, as my final big test to qualify with Lucie is on Thursday. If all goes well we will lose our 'L' Plates, and will no longer be wearing the 'In Training' jacket and lead. I will update on my return to let you know how we got on. Nervous? Nah (!!)

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